Do These 4 Things before Calling a 24 Hour Plumber in Orange County

Finding a 24 Hour Plumber Orange County can be really hard. Drain-Express is the best rated 24 Hour Plumbing service in Orange County. Give us a call for any of your Carborro plumbing needs.

You’ve already done everything you can to diagnose your plumbing issue by yourself. You’ve watched an hour of plumbing videos on Youtube and tried to check every how-to you could. Maybe you even called your friend’s Dad and even he couldn’t help you fix your plumbing emergency. When push comes to shove, sometimes we can’t take care of everything ourselves. Here’s what to do before you calling a 24 Hour Plumber Orange County. 


Before Calling a 24/7 Plumber, Turn off your Water

Finding the best 24 Hour Plumber in Carborro, NC requires turning off your water valve first.

You may have a major leak, however in many cases simply turning off your main water line can completely stop the majority of leaks occurring. If you have no need for a shower or bathroom until the next morning, simply turning off the water will at least let you go to sleep. That being said, turning off the main line does not always solve leaks.

Diagnose Urgency, A 24/7 Plumber May not Be Needed

If you’ve turned your main line off, but still have some kind of major plumbing emergency, chances are there’s a break somewhere behind your line or at another point in your property. Check outside and look for large bubbles in your grass or large areas of standing water. This could be an indication that your problem is more serious than a simple DIY repair. In this case, a 24/7 Plumber in Orange County was definitely needed to repair this break. 

Check With Orange County Water Companies

24/7 Plumber Carborro

In many cases, you may not be liable for a break in your line. Hiring a 24 hour plumber in Orange county can be really expensive. Even with our competitive pricing, our Chapel Hills plumbers would still like to stay in if possible! As a result, emergency plumbing services are always going to fetch a premium.

Therefore, check with your water company and see if they have any indication of what could have caused this. OWASA may be able to lead you in the right direction for getting damages to your home reimbursed or have a city plumber on call for situations exactly like this. If they are liable for the plumbing damage, you definitely don’t want to eat the fees! Call Drain Express for 24 Hour Plumbing ServiceReliable 24/7 Carrboro Plumbing



If you’ve done your due diligence, you’ve likely decided it’s time to give us a call. We’re still sorry about what you’re going through, but we’re happy to fix this nightmare as quickly as possible. If you feel like you may be stuck in high water, give Drain Express a call for 24/7 Plumbing service in Orange County and beyond. We specialize in a host of plumbing services, hyrdo-jetting, sewer cameras, and nearly anything else you might need. We have 24 Hour Plumbing service covering Carborro, Chapel Hill, and most areas within Orange County, NC. If you’re ready to get your plumbing problems fixed, have a high standard of professionalism, and an affordable rates, we are the best emergency plumbing service you could ask for!

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