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Drain Snaking is performed when there is a clog in your plumbing system that is preventing water from draining. Clearing the pipes involves using an auger, or a coiled snake piece with a handled on one end. On the other side of the auger breaks up the obstructions, this allows water to pass through the drain.

Chapel Hill Drain Snaking

If you notice your sinks hold water or barely letting it drain through the pipes, you need to call a professional plumber to have them inspect your pipes for a clog. Drain Express Plumbing is an experienced plumber that provides Carrboro drain snaking that will remove any clogs in your piping system.Our Licensed Plumbers understand your home’s drainage system, and they can assess your home piping system for any signs of clogs. When they find any clogs within your kitchen sink, bathroom sinks or toilets, they can use the Chapel Hill drain snaking system to remove these clogs.

Drain Express has a step by step process that ensures your drains are cleared of any clogs. We start by assessing the clogged area. If there is not standing water in your sink, bath, or shower, our techs will fill the sink with water and inspect the drainage. Prior to attempting a drain snaking, we will use a standard plunger to try in unclogging your sink. The plunger is easier than snaking your drain, and it can save you money.


For some reason if plunging your drain doesn’t work, our certified plumbers will proceed with your drain snaking. Drain Express will remove anything that is obstructing your drain including all catchers and filters. When the opening is clear, your plumber will push the snake cable slowly into the drain, rotating it clockwise. Our certified technicians will be able to feel when the snake reaches the clog.
Our goal is to hook the clog in your sink, so the plumber can completely remove the clog. Sometimes, this is not always possible and is depending on the size of the clog. If this happens, we will push the snake at it until it is broken up and completely out of your piping system. When we feel the clog is completely eliminated, Drain Express will determine if your drain is still clogged by running water though the drain.If your drain is still is not running clearly, our certified plumbers will start again until the clog is completely removed. You can trust the plumbers at Drain Express Plumbing to completely clear any signs of clogs.After we are sure your sink is clear of clogs, we can give you tips for preventing future clogging and even install screens on your drains to prevent objects from falling down them.