how to install a sump pump


There’s nothing worse than a flooding basement, crawlspace, or house. Water damage can cause thousands of dollars of damage in a matter of hours. There’s a great way to solve this problem. Maybe you’ve been wondering, “do I need a sump pump?” Is your home located on a flood plain? Do you have a basement? Is your crawlspace moist or wet? If you say yes to any of these options, you need a sump pump.

What Is A Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a waterproof pump that’s often submerged. Typically, you install a sump pump in a pit (or sump pit) in the basement or crawlspace of your home. This pump works to prevent flooding and remove excess water.

When there is no standing water in your basement or crawlspace, the sump pump is idle. It only runs when water lifts the float. When it rains or floods, the water fills up the sump pit, which then kicks on the pump. The pump removes the water and drains it into whatever drainage option you have. Options range from a pond, ditch, and even a dry well.

Without a sump pump, many homes would face disaster. This seemingly small addition to your home can save you tens of thousands of dollars and many headaches.

Do I Need One?

This is a question we hear a lot from homeowners. It depends on a few factors. Are you in a flood plain? How many inches of rain do you get a year? What is your soil type? The list goes on and on.

Ultimately, though, a sump pump is there for peace of mind and does the following:

  • Prevents flooding
  • Preserves wood and foundation
  • Keeps mold and mildew at a minimum
  • It makes insurance companies happy

Which Sump Pump Is Best?

We wouldn’t say there’s a sump pump that’s better than all others. It depends mainly on the size of your basement and total rainfall. Pump powers can range from 1/3 horsepower to over 1 1/2 horsepower. It all relies on how much water you’re moving. For the average home, though, a sump pump like this will get the job done. This pump will carry about 42 gallons per minute. That’s more than enough for your home.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Now that you know what a sump pump is, what it does, and why you need one, it’s time to make a decision. Sometimes, though, things aren’t so cut and dry. If you still wonder, “do I need a sump pump?,” give us a call. We’re fully licensed and insured plumbing professionals.