Today we’ll go through some simple steps to show you how to fix a leaky faucet. Continue reading to learn how to address these pesky leaks.

Plumbing Tips

Take a good look at the dripping faucet before you start to figure out where the water is coming from. A leak from the spout’s end requires a different solution than a leak from the base.
Second, you’ll need to cut off the water supply to the dripping faucet. The most common location for shut-off valves is under the sink. If those valves break or you don’t have any, you’ll have to turn off your entire house’s water supply. After turning off the faucet, open it to the center position to relieve water pressure and confirm that the water is switched off. Finally, cover the sink drain openings with strainer baskets or rags to prevent small particles from falling down the drain.

Disassembly of a Faucet

  • Focus on the order and position of the components as you remove them. (A digital camera or video camera comes in handy so you can video each step or take photos, just in case you forget.)
  • To make reassembly easier, set the pieces aside in the order, they were removed.
  • Then after all of the parts have been removed, inspect the interior of the valve for bits of degraded gaskets or mineral deposits.
  • Use a cloth or a fine nylon abrasive pad to clean the surface.
  • To loosen mineral deposits, soak them in vinegar.

Slow water flow might be caused by plugged pores in the faucet body. Using a small screwdriver or a penknife, clean them out. Before replacing old parts and reassembling the faucet, place a rag over the leaky faucet and turn the shut-off valve on slightly to flush out anything that may have come free during the cleaning and inspection. Then re-assemble the faucet.

After the faucet has been reinstalled, open it to the middle position and gradually open the shutdown valves to turn on the stream. Allow the tap to remain open until all air has been eliminated from the pipes and the water runs freely. If the water flow is slow, the aerator may need to be unplugged. In this case unscrew the aerator to clean it out.

Parts Replacement

  • It’s a good idea to bring the worn-out components with you to the store for a replacement.
  • On many faucets, the brand name is imprinted. (This is crucial information for locating replacement parts and completing the repair. However, in most cases, it is safer to bring the worn items with you to the store.)
  • If you own a Delta or other rotary ball faucet, you’re in luck because repair kits are frequently available at hardware stores and home centers.
  • Cartridges and repair kits for Moen “cartridge-style” faucets are also readily available.

However, because there are so many models for most retailers to stock, you may need to buy components if you have a different model or a disc-style faucet. Knowing the model name or number of the faucet is helpful when hunting for a new cartridge. Otherwise, take it with you to the store and compare it to a photo in the parts catalog.

If you’re having difficulties finding parts, contact the faucet’s manufacturer for help.

We hope that these DIY plumbing tips helped repair your leaking faucet.

However, if you find that you need a professional, we’re here to help!

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