Emergency Plumber in Durham

Emergency Plumber in Durham

Welcome to Drain Express, the emergency plumber in Durham where we get the job done right the first time. We offer quality residential and commercial plumbing services at non-emergency rates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you’ve got a clog, it’s usually an emergency, and your only concern is who can get there fastest. Sometimes plumbers try to clear the blockage without first understanding the problem. This can cause more damage to the drain line, costing you even more money and time. Our approaches to any drain repair or sewer line repair are cautiously with the end result in mind.

We are the expert emergency plumber in Durham

You will never get an answering service or have to leave a message when you call Drain Express. When you call Drain Express for an emergency plumber in Durham, you will always speak to a live person from our company. Even if you have a complex situation, we can inspect your plumbing issues and then tell you your best options.

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I had Drain Express come out because I needed an emergency plumber in Durham who could not get proper water flow through my shower.

The technician tried all the things I tried previous to his visit and would need another day to get parts that might need to be replaced. On his return he used a different method to try and determine the cause of the problem. It turned out he was able to fix the flow problem without going down the road of changing out parts. I was very impressed with the ingenuity used to get at the problem. It always pays to invest your money in people who work in your house as if it was their own. Drain Express continues to impress me with their dedication to customer service and providing quality technicians. As a result I will use them for all my water flow problems.
Thanks Dickie!