How To Clean A Sump Pump: Tips And Tricks

Have a clogged or dirty sump pump? That’s no good. If you own a home with a sump pump in the basement or crawlspace, you probably know how important the sump pump is. Without a sump pump in a home that needs one, your basement can flood and cost you thousands of dollars in damages. To keep your sump pump running efficiently and avoid flooding, you need to know how to clean a sump pump.

Drain Express is a professional plumbing and drain cleaning service. Today, we’re going to give you some tips, tricks, and steps on how to clean out your sump pump the right way.

Getting Started

First, you need to locate your sump pump. Not all homes’ sump pumps are underneath the house in the basement or crawlspace. Sometimes, the sump may be outside the foundation to deal with areas where rain tends to pool. Although, rainwater isn’t the only source of water that sump pumps deal with. They are also responsible for alleviate pooling around a foundation where the water table is high. 

Here are the steps to thoroughly and properly clean out your sump pump. 

Step 1

Turn off the sump pump and disconnect it from power. 

Step 2

Disconnect the pump from the discharge pipe once you’re sure power is off and disconnected. 

Step 3

Use a water hose to clean dirt off the outside of the pump. Use something to scrape off any dirt or debris that is stuck and let it dry.  

Step 4

Use a shop vacuum to suck out any remaining water inside the pump. 

Step 5

Once all the water is out, you should be able to disassemble the check valve. When it’s apart, rise it out and let dry. 

Step 6

Once everything is all dry, reassemble the valve. Then, reattach your pump to the drain pipe. 

Step 7

Connect back to power and turn it on!

Want The Professionals To Handle The Dirty Work?

Sometimes, projects like this can open a can of worms. Let Drain Express handle the dirty work for you and clean out your sump pump! Call today!