How To Replace A Bathroom Faucet


It’s fall! The best time of the year. Leaves are starting to change, and the weather is cooling off. So, it’s time to freshen things up. Do you have an out-of-date kitchen, bathroom, or something else? Fall is the best time to do any updates because you can often find discounts and combo deals at many retailers. Have you wanted to update your bathroom? Updating a bathroom isn’t difficult at all! Often, it only takes swapping out a couple of minor things to make all the difference. For the purposes of today’s post, we’re going to show you how to replace a bathroom faucet. So, if you want to give your bathroom a bit of a facelift, keep reading.


What You Need

If you want to install a new bathroom faucet, you’ll need a few things aside from the new faucet itself. Also, please note: these same instructions apply to those of you who are installing a new faucet on a new sink. Now, let’s look at the materials and tools you’ll need to tackle this DIY plumbing project.

Material List

  • Bathroom faucet (make sure it’s compatible with your new or existing sink)
  • Supply lines (if none are already present)
  • Silicone caulk

Tool List

  • Basin wrench
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Bucket
  • Putty knife
  • Towel or rag


How To Replace A Bathroom Faucet The Right Way


Next, you’re ready to replace this faucet! Consequently, you need to remove the old faucet. So, here are the steps to follow to get this new faucet installed:


Step 1

First, cut off the main water supply. Typically, this supply shutoff is located underneath the sink. If not, you will need to locate your water shutoff valve. If it’s not under the sink, you may find it under the house in a crawlspace or basement. So, you’ve got the water off. Second, you need to drain the water out of the lines. Cut on the faucet to empty the pipes.


Step 2

Disconnect the supply lines from the old faucet.

Pro tip: Take a photo so you remember how everything was hooked up before.


Step 3

Remove the drain underneath the sink if the new faucet comes with a matching drain. When you remove the p-trap, water will drain. As a result, you should have a bucket nearby.


Step 4

When you’re installing the new faucet, put the gasket on first. Next, insert the faucet into the mounting holes on the top of the sink and tighten nuts.


Step 5

Apply a bead of silicone caulk between the gasket and the top of the sink.


Step 6

Install the ball rod into the drain and tighten. Then, install the lift rod in the faucet. Connect the lift rod to the rod strap. Finally, ensure the rod is in the downward position and attach the strap to the rod.


Step 7

Finally, install the water supply lines to the faucet, cut the supply on, and test water flow for leaks.