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We are a Local Carrboro Plumbing Service that is very involved in the day to day business of the company and brings a family owned feel to the service with a personal touch and a friendly smile. We maintain high standards of  honesty, integrity, and fairness in all aspects of the business and we are committed to this goal.



I looked online for a Local Carrboro Plumbing Service that had a good rating

We needed a local Local Carrboro Plumbing Service because our water heater was 20 years old.  It simply was dying a slow and painful death. Our family went from having hot water to water that was no better than pool water on a hot day. I was forced to take cold showers in the Navy and was not liking it.

I called in the morning & had an appointment for between 12 and 3 pm the same day. Drain Express called me at that day to tell me he was on his way and about 20 minutes out. Dicky showed up, was professional, thorough.  He checked the water heater and our water pressure and gave me three strong options at very reasonable prices. After deciding just to replace the old piece of junk, he told me that he could be back out the next morning to do the job.

Dicky and his son showed up on time the next morning and were in and out in no time. This Local Carrboro Plumbing Service had our water heater replaced and fixed up in no time.

We used a licensed Local Carrboro Plumbing Service and knew we were up to code.

I’m sure I could have paid a handyman a couple of  hundred bucks less to do the job.  But I wouldn’t have received the level of service that I did. This Local Carrboro Plumbing Service is now my go to for all of my plumbing needs. As a matter of fact, I’m going to have them back in a few months.  I am going to add a water pressure booster to my system.  This way the hot water can literally just blast the dirt off of my truck.

Thanks Drain Express. You saved me from having take one more cold shower.

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