Here at Drain Express we assist homeowners as well as businesses in maintaining, installing and repairing their Plumbing Service in Durham. Have you ever noticed your current water bill running up to higher limits? Or perhaps water backup when you flush your toilet and a slow drain or probably a foul odor all over your house? If you are experiencing one or all of these manifestations, then most likely, you are having a water leak, gas leak or perhaps a waste leak. When it comes to your Plumbing Service in Durham repair, our expert plumbing company knows how to do it all. Our professional plumbers will perform a thorough assessment on your plumbing system for leak detection and provide any necessary plumbing repair to restore your plumbing system back to working order. Leaks, when they go unnoticed could create some serious damage to your property down the road, whether it is your home or business establishments in Durham.

We’ll tell you what Plumbing Service in Durham to expect before the service is performed.

At Drain Express we offer an all-inclusive Plumbing Service in Durham designed to encompass all types of plumbing and sewer repairs. Detecting all sources of leakage as early as possible will save you the hassle, time, and money of going with a major repair. You want a Plumbing Service in Durham that can rise to the occasion and provide you with the services you desire. So don’t wait for an emergency to arise, contact Drain Express today; we are the solution to all your leak problems. We can provide you with a licensed plumber in Durham to inspect your sewer and pipelines without digging your entire yard or pathways. Most of the time, plumbing issues will require immediate assistance in order to prevent water damage to your California home. The Drain Express team of professional plumbers is skilled and knowledgeable in their field. They are able to diagnose issues quickly, effectively resolve problems, and help our customers with their plumbing projects. After a thorough inspection and diagnosis, we will either fix damaged pipes causing the leakage or replace it all together.

Our goal is to provide you, our customer the service you deserve.

You can count on our professional Plumbing Service in Durham for plumbing service that will have your plumbing problems fixed in no time.  

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