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Outstanding skill and service coupled with integrity is what makes a good Professional Carrboro Plumber.  Dicky and the team at Drain Express Plumbing are proud to serve their community and deliver the finest plumbing service and installation in the Carrboro area.

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Had a toilet that was stopped up and needed a Professional Carrboro Plumber. No amount of plunging would totally free it. Drain Express came out and did the snake deal and open and free flowing. Well about a week later the same problem. Dicky did a follow up and could not free it as well. He offered no charge to go back to shop and get a video camera to try to see the cause. Well, to no surprise to me, it was loaded with roots. Being a Professional Carrboro Plumber, Dicky gave some options. The the only one guaranteed to work was to replace the portion of sewer line that was allowing roots to enter. Not a fun option.

It was not an easy job for any Professional Carrboro Plumber

The slab was at least a foot thick. First day he was only able to get through the slab. The next day he fixed the pipe and re-cemented the floor. About 3 days later when floor had cured he set the toilet. That was a special job. Since the original builder did not have it connected directly to the floor and it was tilted. The plumbing tech said don’t worry he would correct that problem. I think that took a couple of extra hours.

Definitely a 5 star rating for this Professional Carrboro Plumber

When he first started the job I asked if he would check another toilet that rocked a little when sitting on it. Therefore when finished he looked at the other toilet and realized the problem. Same as the other toilet, not directly attached to slab. Professional Carrboro Plumber Dicky said he would look into that. About 30-40 minutes later he got back to us. Drain Express gave us a great price on the second toilet as well.

Professional Carrboro Plumber

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