Why Sewer Inspections Are Important

A skilled plumber can spot tons of common plumbing issues with the naked eye. Although, some things aren’t always obvious to spot. This is why sewer inspections are important. 

Sewer drain lines and septic tanks are often overlooked when it comes to inspections. This is surprising since the sewer system is one of the most essential parts of your home. At Drain Express, our plumbers specialize in sewer and septic inspections. We use cameras to get the whole picture. Sewer inspections, unfortunately, are not a DIY project. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a sewer system inspection for your home. 

What can sewer inspections find?

There are various problems our team can spot with our state-of-the-art camera inspections. 

  • Tree Roots Within Pipes: When you’re dealing with older pipes, you will often find tree roots. As roots spread and grow, they find nooks and crannies in rocks, wood, other roots, and even pipes. If a sewer drain line has a crack in it, the roots will slip in there to get any water they can. This is how you end up with significant sewer clogs and damage. 
  • Collapsed Pipes: This is often an issue found in drain lines because they are underground. Over time, soil compaction, rocks, roots, and weathering break down the pipe to the point of collapse. This, of course, leads to inefficient drainage and failure. 
  • Severe Blockages: When the camera snakes through the line, it can easily find blockages. Whether it’s paper, roots, trash, or waste, we’ll find it and know how to clear it. 

Do I need an inspection if my house is new? 

You might wonder if an inspection is really necessary if you’re home is pretty new. With confidence, we always say it’s better to be safe than sorry. While a home may be new, that doesn’t mean it is without plumbing or sewer issues. Many sewer problems can go undetected for years. The best way to avoid this is to receive annual sewer inspections to stay on top of it. 

With our video inspections, we use a locator tool that aids in finding the damage location. When we find where the damage is above ground, this eliminates unneeded digging on your property. Despite the age of your home, you need to inspect your sewer lines on a regular basis to avoid problems. 

What if there’s a problem? 

If we find any issues with your sewer lines or septic system, we’re more than capable of getting everything right. With more than 25 years of experience, we have helped thousands of customers with their needs. 

After repairing an issue with your sewer system, there are many preventative measures. We may ask you if you’d like us to install an outdoor cleanout. A cleanout is an access point that allows the plumber to insert a snake or hydro jet. Both a snake or hydro jet are used to remove clogs safely and efficiently. 

Are there signs to look out for? 

So, you know you need to get your sewer checked regularly. Well, what if you are doing that and don’t know the signs of a problem? Don’t worry. Here are a few things to look out for to make sure you don’t need sewer service. 

  • Terrible smells are coming from any of your drains. Even if it’s one drain, you need to call us soon. 
  • Any drains that seem sluggish and slow draining. 
  • If water draining in one drain backs up in another drain or toilet.

These signs mean there could be a blockage somewhere in your system. Let us help you find the source of the issue. Schedule an appointment with Drain Express in Chapel Hill, NC, today!