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The plumbers at Drain Express install, repair, and extend gas lines. Most of the times if you call the Gas Company to have them work on your gas lines they’ll tell you to call a plumber like Drain Express. Some of the most common items are your sauna, a Jacuzzi, a new BBQ or even a pool heater, any appliance that has gas lines. We also work with galvanized pipe which is a common pipe used for gas lines and water lines. When you need a new gas line or water supply line give the experts at Drain Express a call.

Plumber Chapel Hill for Gas Leak Detection, Gas Pipe Repair

Gas Pipe Leak Detection Chapel Hill
Drain Express know pipes and that includes all kinds of gas pipes. When you smell a gas leak and have the gas company come out and shut it down, we have gas leak detection equipment that is up to date and works every time. Our techs come out, cap off the system, pressure test it, locate and repair the leak. Pool heaters, spa heaters, fireplaces, water heaters, stoves, furnaces are just some of the items we work with. Decades of gas pipe installation allows Drain Express to install front yard, side yard or backyard barbeques and gas grills, restaurant space heater systems or remove electrics stove and install gas lines for new gas stoves and ovens. When you need a gas grill installed or has a gas leak and want and expert plumber Chapel Hill call Drain Express.

This is the 2nd time plumber Chapel Hill did an amazing job. I couldn’t be happier with Drain Express. In January we did a remodel on our home and Drain Express changed the water lines, sewage lines, new showers, everything they did was perfect. The staff was professional, courteous and clearly knew what they are doing.
We had a Birthday party for my son and the morning after we saw water overflowing from the kid’s bathroom. I called anther plumbing company my brother recommended and I had no idea what kind of a problem we were dealing with. The dishonest plumber told me we need to descale the pipes and hydro flushing is too risky and he gives me a quote of $7500. Then I called Drain Express plumbing
Dicky was the best plumber period. The techs were super careful to hydro flush by sections so we wouldn’t bring all the nasty water inside of the house as we had 2 backups. A few hours later I have clear pipes and our water is running strong. Best plumber Chapel Hill Drain Express will always be my first call.


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