Chapel Hill Sewer Line Repair Plumber (919) 968-0070

Chapel Hill Sewer Line Repair Plumber (919) 968-0070

I own rental properties and as you can imagine I am in need of a Chapel Hill sewer line repair plumber quite often. I have called Drain Express quite a few times last year for my personal residence as well as rentals. Dicky has always showed up on time and completed Chapel Hill sewer line repair job in a professional and timely manner and fair price. One time he quickly remounted a toilet in my house for me after a handyman I had hired mounted it wrong and it was causing my main line to back up.

Drain Express in a Chapel Hill sewer line repair company that stands by their work.

In a rental, a garbage disposal he had installed malfunctioned. After I called, his crew was there in a couple of hours replacing the disposal with no questions asked. He even gave me a discount on the next job.

There was another time I needed a Chapel Hill sewer line repair company. I called Drain Express again. I could not reach a backed up sewer line with my snake so I had to send Drain Express over to do this for me. This was at my in-laws house, so it had to be done right. Dicky spent over 3 hours trying to get this back up free. Dicky finally finished after pulling roots, paper, rocks, and just about every action figure you could imagine out of this sewer line.

He then took the time to properly unblock the line in the kitchen coming out to the main lines. This was doe in less that half an hour. After all this he quoted me a great price of about $199.00.

Drain Express has always tried to save me money whenever possible and I will continue to use him in the future.