Are your frequently having problems with Clogged Drain In Chapel Hill? Got a backed up drain clog in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or utility room? Have you tried to unclog a sink, toilet or bathtub drain yourself but the clog keeps returning?

Nothing is more frustrating than a Clogged Drain In Chapel Hill, especially if you’ve unsuccessfully tried to unclog the drain using homemade solutions like mixes of bleach and vinegar, salt and baking soda, boiling water, etc.

It’s best to leave it to a drain cleaning plumber to unblock your Clogged Drain In Chapel Hill because they use professional tools and methods like hydro-jetting.

The most common warning signs you may have a Clogged Drain In Chapel Hill include:

  • Sink takes long time to drain
  • Water builds up in shower
  • Unpleasant smell comes from drain
  • Toilet flush leaves scattered debris

When you begin to notice these Clogged Drain In Chapel Hill problems, it’s best you contact Drain Express immediately to clean your drain instead of making matters worse, like using a bent wire hanger that gets stuck inside the pipe, or losing an important slip nut while trying to reassemble the drain trap.

You need to remember that many times a clog is not necessarily in the pipe’s trap inside the u-shaped section of pipe directly beneath sink. It could be further down that no standard retail tool like a plunger or drain snake or chemical product will clear. Too often our plumbers will hear customers complain they’ve tried everything themselves but the clog won’t go away. Upon further investigation by using a video camera pipe inspection, our plumbers may discover the clog was very far down the line and nothing the customer bought from a hardware store would have fixed their drain clog.

A clogged drain, if not unclogged properly, can result in more pipe damage, especially if the drain blockage eventually causes a pipe to burst. Then you have water damage which can be very expensive and may not always be covered by homeowner’s insurance if you directly contributed to more damage.

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My home is over 80 years old and I had a leaking pipe under the house. It turned out to be a nightmare but Drain Express came over and fixed it so I could have water. Then he came back and fixed everything. Very honest and I would use him again.

Butch B

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