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I’m so glad I called today for my Durham Toilet Repair.



Drain Express called back right away, was prompt, professional, kind, easy to talk with. Dicky was a genius at how he fixed my toilet. This company was most of all honest. I really like a plumber that I can trust. I’ll be calling Drain Express again, for sure. In the future using Drain Express as my ‘go to’ plumber.

I chose Drain Express for my Durham toilet repair because of the honest reviews.

Number one was his availability when I needed a ¬†toilet repair expert , it was an emergency. I don’t think a plumber who is not to busy to take emergency’s should receive credit as one who you have to wait 5 days to see. If they live in another part of the city, you do have to wait. I have referred Dicky to friends and co-workers in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. They did not have a long wait time either. These people live across town and he’s in high demand.

I have called a lot of plumbers over the years and Drain Express is one of the best. He knows what he is doing, is very smart, professional. Most of all I love supporting local businesses like his. Dicky was able to tell me whether or not he was available and then came right away. Even the other plumbers I met Drain Express for my Durham toilet repair were great. I would call him back in a heartbeat to fix any more Durham toilet repair issues. This company also backs up all their work with a warranty. He’s a really great plumber and I highly recommend him to anyone. I look forward to using him again in the future. Give him a call. (919) 968-0070