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I’m extremely satisfied with Drain Express Local Durham Plumbing Service.

We have a pressure assist toilet that broke and needed a Local Durham Plumbing Service. I bought this toilet just a bit over a year ago. I first called a Plumbing Company my brother had used. They sent a plumber over who looked at the toilet. This guy said it couldn’t be fixed and suggested I buy a different brand of pressure assist toilet. He said that the brand I had only had a one year warranty. Aside from the guy smelling like alcohol, I did not trust him and asked him to leave.

On the internet I found the manufacturer of the toilet. The manufacturer told me there was a ten year parts warranty. They suggested I call Drain Express because they said he knew how to repair the toilet and had a reputation for being fair.

Drain Express Local Durham Plumbing Service came the very next day.

Dicky picked up the parts from the manufacturer and arrived after hours because it is difficult for me to take time off work. Owner Dicky was polite and did not try to up-sell me anything.  Our Local Durham Plumbing Service Drain Express completed the job quickly even though the toilet is in kind of a hard to reach spot. His charge was very reasonable and did not charge me extra for after hours work. I am very satisfied with the quality of the work.

I am saving the Drain Express card if any other plumbing has issues that I cannot handle myself. For all my Durham Plumbing Service they will be my go-to guys.

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The Drain Express philosophy of trust and belief in your teammates has helped us grow our Local Durham Plumbing Service. The idea that everyone’s got to do their part for the good of the team is something we embrace and it’s at the core of what we believe.

We serve our local people with passion and pride. People notice and the cycle of community keeps business returning.
Our dedicated Local Durham Plumbing Service has kept us in business for over 35 years!

This family owned Durham Plumbing Company confidently has grown by servicing the local community. Through the years Drain Express has spread to the surrounding areas emphasizing quality and customer service.