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I made the choice of picking Local Carrboro Plumber Drain Express because of great ratings and reviews.  Call them @ (919) 968-0070

Had a great experience with local Carrboro plumber Drain Express.

Last night I ran into a plumbing problem and needed a Local Carrboro Plumber.  One of my guests wanted to help out with the dishes and ran the dish washer not knowing a fork was stuck at the bottom of the drain.  As a result my entire line happened to be blocked and caused a water overflow.

I called the local Carrboro plumber Drain Express since it was the first company to appear.

When I did a little research they had great ratings with reviews. I trusted that.  My wife spoke to Dicky on the phone I was very happy he answered my late night call. Dicky was polite and helped calm me by assuring me it would be taken care of and he would be sending out his local Carrboro plumber to fix my problem. Upon arriving the plumber was professional and was prepared to get the job done. He was thorough with his explanation which helped me understand that my drain needed a cleaning. Apparently my dish washer was out of date. He also gave me great ideas on what I needed to do next.

Since Drain Express arrived promptly to the time, I was able to get back to my guests. I was also able to finished up my dishes without any problems. At first I was unsure if someone would be able to get the job done so late in the night. But I’m glad I made the choice of picking Drain Express. I have some old plumbing problems that I’ve been putting off for quite some time now. But I plan to use Drain Express again after having such a nice experience.

They were reliable and efficient service.