Does your local plumber offer a guarantee on their work?

by | May 7, 2017 | Carrboro Plumber, Carrboro Plumbing Company, Chapel Hill Plumbing Company, Plumber

Best Local Plumber for the Job

When plumbing emergencies occur it is good to have a reliable local plumber on stand by. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you are navigating the internet for a plumber for the first time, then you maybe uncertain of how to hire the right plumbing company. Maybe you have water overflowing in your kitchen, and you don’t have much time to search. This is why we recommend doing some research before you are faced with a major plumbing emergency. It is good to have the number to a plumber you trust on hand.

Service Orientated Local Plumber

An important things to consider when hiring a local plumber for the job, is whether or not they offer 24-hour emergency service. Most plumbers have regular business hours. Drain Express provides 24-hour emergency service is always ready for your emergency call.

Local Plumber Specialties

Another important tip for hiring a local plumber for the job is to know their specialty. A few plumbers are drain cleaning specialists, while others specialize in leak detection. You will want a plumber with the most experience, tools, and resources to fit the job.

Licensed and Insured Local Plumber

If hiring a local plumber for the job, you will want to know about their licenses they hold and if they are insured. Hiring a handy man who is not licensed may be tempting, just remember that you usually get what you pay for. Licensed professionals will have better knowledge about safety hazards, zoning issues, and code violations. Rules and regulations are set in place to protect your health, public health, avoid fines from the city. Not to mention peace of mind, when sale and transfer of property.

For a Local Plumber call Drain Express

I would highly recommend our local plumber Dicky from Drain Express. I discovered a major leak under our house late in the day. I called Drain Express and they advised me to turn of the main water line to our house for the night. Dicky said he would be out to fix things early the following day. Dicky knew from my voice that we had a big issue and took it very seriously.

When the Drain Express crew showed up, they found the problem. The tech showed me pictures and videos of what was going on underneath our house and advised of their solution.

Local Plumber you can trust

They spent a good part of the day fixing our main line to our house as well as the water heater line. The plumbers continued to send texts, pictures and made phone calls to us to keep us updated.

Having a plumber who can speak with our insurance company was great too. The office gave them detailed information so we could get reimbursed for the damages.

Drain Express Local Plumber Review