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I needed a plumber near me. Originally we thought a plumbing issue was brought on by the recent rains. I called our general contractor to come take a look and he told us that it was definitely a pipe issue. The leaking was getting worse and I needed a plumber near me to get here fast. We we called in the pros at Drain Express. My husband Michael found Drain Express by searching for Plumber Near Me on the internet. After researching a bit and We are super happy with the results.

Dicky is super friendly, personable and he explained all the details of what he was going to do carefully so that there are no surprises. Drain Express had a lot of different hand held devices and apparatuses to be able to accurately find the issue with our plumbing. Dicky let us know where the leaks had spread as well as pinpointed the location of the problem. Our plumbing issue ended up being a minor problem and Dicky took care of it quickly. The pricing was straight forward and I highly recommend them. Drain Express also accepted credit card payments.


Drain Express is right place to turn when you’re looking to hire a trusted plumber. We will be there and on time for your upcoming plumbing project in Carrbo. Plumbers at Drain Express are highly trained and skilled. We specialize in providing both residential and commercial customers with quality products and services. It does not matter the type of plumbing issue you have.  Dicky and the team at Drain Express are here to help you get it fixed in the shortest time possible.

Plumber Near Me 

The team at Drain Express are concerned about the health and safety of my customers. We are committed to keeping up with all the state safety rules and requirements. When you our team at Drain Express Plumbing, you can be sure to benefit from our:

  • Attention to detail
  • Clean and Couteous Service
  • Easy Fast Appiontment Scheduling

Everything from major plumbing fixture installations to extensive repairs, we have the workmanship, experience, and equipment necessary to get the job done right the first time. Call Drain Express Plumbing today for more information about the services and products we offer. (919) 968-0070 Drain Express