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Professional Durham Plumber Drain Express was there when we needed them.  Durham City has contractors examining the sewage pipes throughout the neighborhoods. This time the contractors came down my block. They examined
the sewage pipe coming out from my house and discovered a very bad situation.
Showing me on camera, there was lots of roots growing and clogging the line. The
line was draining very slowly but not not totally cogged yet. I decide to have the sewage line clean out before it got worst.

I tried calling several contractors.& I could not get them to recommend any of the plumbers to do the type of clean out I needed to have done honestly by a Professional Durham Plumber. This is my very first time I have ever used the internet to find a Professional Durham Plumber or any other type of services. I don’t find every review negative or positive trueful which causes some concern when a choosing a company.

I finally called Fast Response Plumbing & Rooter. After a short wait Eric arrived. He
recommend that I do a hydro jet clean out instead of a snake clean out. I was concern about doubling my cost with a hydro clean out. After given it some thought that afternoon, I went with the hydro clean out with a appointment the next day.

The next I received a phone call from their office at Drain Express and Dicky arrived earlier than expected. Dicky drove up in his truck towing a trailer with a huge hydro jetter to do the job. Tackling the sewage drain from the street and from the garage, one hour and fifteen minutes later the sewage drain was cleared. The Plumber ran his camera down the drain and showed me the condition after the cleaning, Super clean and no roots.

Both men were very prompt, pleasant and professional. Drain Express brought the right equipment and got the job done in no time. I recommend that you try them out.