Best Carrboro Plumbing Company to call @ (919) 968-0070

I was looking for a good Carrboro plumbing company and found Drain Express.

Drain Express lived up to the postive comments placed for this Carrboro plumbing company. Prices are fair and we felt we were working with a professional team. Drain Express’s key differentiating factors are communication and going the extra mile for customer service.

The last Carrboro plumbing company we used could not find our leak.

The problem was a leaking pipe connected to the water meter and installation of a new water softener. Dicky logically explained what, how, and why they are doings things. Drian Express made sure that even though they dug through my front lawn and had to jackhammer a few bricks, they only dug out what was necessary and put it all back as neatly as possible. This problem was common in my development and a lot of my neighbors had similar work performed in the last 5 years.

If I compare the amount of time this Carrboro plumbing company took to complete the job and the end result, I would say the job performed on my house was better than most of my neighbors. The icing on the cake was that the house was spic and span before they left. They swept and hosed down all the dirt away on my driveway. Even my garage floors were swept and wiped down.  For a neat freak like me that goes a long long way!