Carrboro Water Heater Replacement


Drain Express’s water heater specialists can take care of your Carrboro water heater replacement needs. Drain Express offers you peace of mind, ensuring your water heater operates safely. Our water heater technicians come out immediately and check your system to make sure you are never to run out of hot water again.

Fantastic company for Carrboro water heater replacement!

They just replaced our water heater. I worked with the owner on our needs and wants, and he listened and provided options. Whenever we would call the Drain Express’s main phone with questions we were always given straight forward information, and if needed directed to the appropriate resource. We set the Carrboro water heater replacement for Thursday. But when I got home from work and they were not still there I got worried (I expected this to be an all day job). When I got home and tried my hot water in my kitchen and it was hot I was extremely pleased. Then I went to the bathroom and the water was the perfect temperature. When I looked at all they had done I was over joyed. After talking with my wife about the entire installation and the findings on our old water heater I am very thankful to Drain Express. Plus we will be saving a lot of money this year in our utilities. Drain Express is a great company with outstanding service. Thank you!

Waking up with a hot shower in the morning is one of life’s greatest gifts. Don’t let a small leak lead to no hot water or big water bills. You’ll find Drain Express takes our job seriously and value highly the trust that is placed in us. Even small leaks and drips from your water heater can lead to bigger problems. Call Drain Express today for high efficiency Carrboro water heater replacement that will keep you and your family with low cost utility bills. (919) 968-0070