Chapel Hill Water Heater Installation

Premium Chapel Hill water heater installation by Drain Express, because the last thing that you want to worry about when getting ready to head out the door is a broken water heater. We at Drain Express know how much of an inconvenience this can be to both you and your family. We offer fast, reliable Chapel Hill water heater installation and guarantee quality workmanship that will last.

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Chapel Hill Water Heater Installation

I’m so happy with my Chapel Hill water heater installation I don’t know where to begin. First of all the Drain Express employees that were sent for my Chapel Hill water heater installation were the nicest, most professional worker in the industry I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
It started with Dickey, the owner, whose promptness, politeness, and knowledge (not to mention his humor) was outstanding and unmatched by any other plumber I talk to. Next came the techs, these guys were great! They too were very knowledgeable and each took the time to patiently answer each and every question. The installers at Drain Express deserve a real pat on the back. I am probably the worst person to work for and as well as the pickiest. My husband is in the service industry too. Even with all of my questioning and nagging these guys never broke, staying polite and maintaining a smile thru it all.

Every single concern I had regarding my Chapel Hill water heater installation was addressed.

I just can’t say enough great things about this crew of installers. Several things needed to change from our original plan of my Chapel Hill water heater installation. Drain Express had a real eye for detail and a flare for perfection, I really appreciate that. On the very first day they were careful to keep everything as clean as possible. I really appreciated that.


The people that work for Drain Express are of the highest quality, politeness, professionalism, perfectionism, and character. Amazing employees in one work place is unheard of until you have used Drain Express.

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