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We were in need of a Carrboro plumber for roots in the line.

I constantly had another Carrboro plumber come and snake it. However, in recent months it got worse and worse. They kept telling me it would last 3- 5 months. It never did. One day they came and three days later it was backed up again.

I decided to try another Carrboro plumber with no luck. Then, we called Drain Express and actually found the issue.

For years we have been getting taken advantage of. The other plumbers had been charging me for snaking over and over again. Believing they were doing the right thing by us. All I kept hearing is you need to replace these pipes. The cost was thousands of dollars.

Dicky was the Carrboro plumber from Drain Express that came out at night with his son. In no time at all they found the problem. In the dark. Under the house. They found it in the dark when other companies couldn’t find is the daylight.

Drain Express scheduled a time to do the work. A plumbing tech, who’s name I just cannot recall, came out and took care of the job for us. They did it once and they did it right.

For other services I have continued to use Drain Express. They have continued to be our Carrboro plumber. We couldn’t be more pleased or more happy and thankful. Dicky couldn’t have been more kind, more courteous and more professional and knowledgeable.

I seriously cannot recommend Drain Express enough. If you’re unhappy with your current plumber give them a call (919) 968-0070

Thank you Dicky and Drain Express for consistent professional service.