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Drain Express’s Carrboro sewer line repair team saved my day.

We were in need of a local Carrboro sewer line repair company when my son decided to flush stuffed animal down the toilet. He then proceeded to send a fax and flush again. The next day his sister wakes up and uses the bathroom but is sick, and again flushes the toilet. Never the less, everything was backed up and nothing was going down.
It was a horrible situation. I tried using the plunger but all that I got drifting back and forth were the pieces of waste that my kids had left for me.

I needed a local Carrboro sewer line repair company fast!

Me and my wife were frantic and stressed. The worst case scenarios were playing in our heads. I called around to find a Carrboro sewer line repair company and Drain Express was the quickest to respond. I called Drain Express and left a message and they returned the call immediately. Drain Express came to my place with 2 guys and got right to work. After coming to my house they said it would cost $180 and $500 if we ended up having to remove the toilet.

Drain Express was able to pull the stuffed animal out which had managed to get pretty far down. They didn’t make a mess and even cleaned my nasty toilet till it was sparkling clean.

I am so thankful for Drain Express’s Carrboro sewer line repair team.

I have found a plumber for life. One thing that I was told over the phone was, “we’re here to help you. and we want to make your day.” I believe that every word they said was true, because now I am very happy.