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There are a few times when I feel the need to leave a review for a Chapel Hill Plumbing Company.

Being very handy I do a lot of work around my house, but the other day I needed a good Chapel Hill plumbing company.
Sometimes I  help some friends and neighbors with plumbing issues. However, I never changed a gas valve and I get more nervous with gas then water. I had to change it because our new washer/dryer could not be delivered/installed with the old valve.
That day I called 5 local plumbers and waited for a quote to replace 3 valves. My bids ranged from $200-$450. All of the bids had the same for parts. I really struggled with doing it myself or paying someone to do something I can probably do.

After speaking to Chapel Hill plumbing company Drain Express for about 15 minutes, I realized I could most likely do this job myself. Dicky gave me a few tips and some confidence to do the job and said to call him if I got stuck. Well, I did it today and it was super easy. I called and left Drain Express a message that I changed the gas valve successfully and thanked him for his time and advice.

What I didn’t expect was Drain Express to call to check in with me. I have a few other bigger jobs I’m planning for the future and will definitely call this Chapel Hill plumbing company. Drain Express was the lowest bid because he gave a realistic timeline to complete the job. The parts were the same from everyone. But mostly, gave me the confidence to do it myself. Dicky’s integrity is very appreciated in this industry.

I will absolutely call Chapel Hill plumbing company Drain Express when I need a plumber or have a plumbing question. Thank you Drain Express for awesome service!