The holiday is just around the corner and the perfect time to pamper yourself. But did you know that your favorite spa night treats might be tough on your plumbing at home? Let’s dive into what’s good and what’s not so good for those pipes!

Bath Bombs & Oils: A Hidden Plumbing Nightmare?

Bath bombs and oils might seem like bliss for a relaxing night, but they’re not so great for your plumbing, especially if your pipes are a bit on the older side. Bath bombs often don’t dissolve completely, potentially clogging up your system. And those silky bath oils? They can harden in colder water, sticking to your pipes and setting the stage for clogs or even bursts. To keep your plumbing in top shape, you might want to rethink using these products.

Better Choices for a Blissful Bath

Fear not, there are still ways to enjoy a luxurious bath without the plumbing worries. Try an oil diffuser to fill your bathroom with soothing scents without the messy cleanup. Or go for Epsom salts—they dissolve easily and won’t clog your pipes, letting you relax without the plumbing stress.

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In conclusion, your at-home spa nights can be both indulgent and plumbing-friendly with the right choices. Remember, while it’s important to treat yourself, it’s equally crucial to treat your home with care. 

For any plumbing concerns or to ensure your system is in top shape after your relaxation rituals, reach out to Drain Express. We’re here to provide expert plumber repair services, and securing your home remains a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation, free from plumbing worries.

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