Clogged sinks are a nuisance, especially during the holidays when you’re hosting a dinner or party. To keep your celebrations smooth in Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, and beyond, here are some handy tips for tackling those stubborn clogs. And if these don’t work, Drain Express’s 24/7 emergency plumber is just a call away.

Home Remedies for Kitchen Sink Clogs

When your kitchen sink clogs at the worst possible time, don’t panic. Try these simple home solutions:

Boiling Water Magic

Got standing water in your sink? Scoop out as much as you can and then pour a kettle of boiling water into the drain. Repeat if necessary to loosen up the clog.

Garbage Disposal Quick Fix

If you have a garbage disposal, run some water and switch it on. This might just do the trick if the disposal is the culprit!

Plunger Power

Still stuck? Fill the sink with enough water to cover the plunger’s bell. For double sinks, seal off the unclogged side. Then, give it a vigorous plunge!

P-Trap Rescue

Another trick is cleaning the P-trap, the curved pipe under the sink. Put a bucket underneath, unfasten the P-trap, clean it out, refasten, and test with some water.

Coat Hanger Technique

For really stubborn clogs, straighten a metal coat hanger and gently use it to dislodge the blockage. Be careful not to scratch your sink.

Prevent Clogs Before They Start

The best approach is prevention. This holiday season, keep these items away from your drain:

  • Ground coffee
  • Rice and pasta
  • Eggshells
  • Grease, fats, oils
  • Wipes, paper towels
  • Vegetables, fruits
  • Solid items that don’t dissolve

Watch out for turkey bones and potato peels, notorious for causing clogs.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday with Drain Express

Remember, a clogged sink doesn’t have to ruin your holiday spirit. With these tips, you can tackle most clogs yourself and keep your kitchen running smoothly. And for those tough clogs that just budge, or if you’re not up for the task, Drain Express is ready to assist. Our experienced team ensures your holiday preparations aren’t hindered by plumbing issues. So, enjoy your holiday festivities with peace of mind, knowing that Drain Express has got your back for any drain cleaning needs in Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, and beyond. Happy holidays and happy plumbing!

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