How To Fix A Dishwasher


Dishwashers are one of the most-used appliances in the kitchen. It makes sense. After all, who wants to come home after a long day at work and wash dishes by hand? Over time, though, your trusty dishwasher may develop some issues that affect its efficiency and lifespan. There are a handful of issues that can happen to a dishwasher. In this post, we’re going to go over the most common problems and show you how to fix a dishwasher the right way.

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Dishes Are Coming Out Dirty

There’s nothing more frustrating than running a wash cycle only to end up with dirty dishes. Luckily, this is a common issue and a relatively simple fix for any DIYer with some know-how! There are a few things that can cause this issue. First, ask yourself if you’re rinsing all the bits of food left on dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. That’s a lot of water and detergent to waste for nothing! Next, do you have a water softener? If not, softer water will improve cleaning capabilities greatly—not just for dishes. Also, you should be wiping out your dishwasher at least once every two weeks and cleaning out the drain basket. If you’ve done all of that, you need to consider removing the spray arm. To remove the spray arm, twist the cap off and pull off the arm.

After the arm is clean, soak it in a five to one solution of water and vinegar. After it has soaked for at least thirty minutes, take a metal wire and clean out the nozzles. Hook everything back up and run a load to see if it cleans properly now. 


The Door Is Leaking

If the door on your dishwasher is leaking, the most likely culprit is the door seal. Over the years, these rubber gaskets get worn out and form gaps, cracks, or holes that cause a leaky mess on your floor. The first step when replacing a dishwasher door seal is to remove the old seal.

To remove the existing seal, open the door. Pull the gasket from the channel along the edge of the door. Pay attention to how the seal is positioned. Next, clean out the channel where the old seal was before installing the new one. Rub some petroleum jelly on the inside of the seal to help slide it back on. Be careful not to stretch the seal or cause any unnecessary stress to it.


Need Professional Help?

Now you know how to fix a dishwasher with two of the most common issues. If you have something else going on with your unit, please feel free to give us a call. We’re the premier drain cleaning and plumbing service in the Triangle area, and at Drain Express, we love helping our customers every day.

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