How to prevent toilet clogs

You had company visiting and the worst thing that could happens did. They come up to you and say, “Hey, I think your toilet is clogged. I’m so sorry.” Was it there fault? It could be, but more often than not, clogged toilets develop over time. No one likes having to deal with a clogged toilet. The stinky water splashing, the foul smells that permeate the bathroom, and the frustration that comes along with it is not fun. That why, in this guide, we’re going to walk you through how to prevent toilet clogs in your home. With a few simple tips, you’ll only experience clear toilet pipes from now on. Let’s dive in and talk about what you can do now.

How To Prevent Toilet Clogs

We all toilet clogs are a pain in the neck, so why don’t we work harder to prevent them? Well, it’s not like we do it on purpose, but it’s more because of a lack of knowledge that clogs build up in your toilet.

One of the most common reasons a toilet clogs is because of the use of “flushable” wipes. You notice we put flushable in quotes because the vast majority of these wipe are not actually flushable. If your home is connected to the main sewer, you may be able to get by, but we still advise against these dense wipes. If you’re on a septic tank, you should absolutely not use these wipes. They do not break down like toilet paper and can cause backups over time. Then, one day your toilet will be clogged. It’s best to avoid flushing any kind of wipe down the toilet that isn’t toilet paper. Even some toilet papers can be troublesome. Super-thick toilet paper is troublesome for plumbing, so it’s best to stick to 2-ply.

The second-most common reason for clogs is hair. All to often we find massive clogs that consist entirely of hair. We get it. There’s hair in the shower and you throw it in the toilet real quick or clean off the hair brush. While this might seem like an innocent thing, it’s not. Hair, like wipes, doesn’t break down well and catches debris and makes a clog worse than it would’ve been. It’s like a big net.

Flush twice! One sure-fire way to prevent toilet clogs when you use the restroom is to flush the toilet twice. Toilet paper doesn’t break down immediately, so it’s always a good idea to flush twice.

Call the Pros

Call your plumber! One of the best ways to prevent a toilet clog is by having an annual inspection of your sewer and drain lines. At Drain Express, we use a sewer camera that provides us with real-time footage so we can see what may be clogging your toilet and what we need to do to remove the clog. We’re drain cleaning experts, so we have a wide variety of tools at our disposal to deal with any issue, no matter how big or small. One of the most effective methods we use to remove debris, tree roots, and clogs in general is hydro jetting.