How To Replace A Kitchen Faucet

If you’re looking for how to replace a kitchen faucet, you’ve come to the right place. At Drain Express, we love sharing tips, tricks, and advice for our customers. There are a few variables that go into replacing a kitchen sink faucet. To get the best result, you need to consider them all together. 


What kind of faucet can your sink take? 

Not all kitchen sinks are the same. There are faucets for sinks that have one hole, two holes, three holes, or four. To find out what kind of faucet you should look for at the hardware or plumbing supply store, get under the sink. Once you’ve got a clear view underneath the sink, count how many holes there are under the faucet. 

Keep in mind that you can use a one-hole faucet on a four-hole sink. All you need to do is install a deck plate to cover the extra holes and make a seamless appearance. You can’t do this the other way around, though. 

Picking A New Faucet

There are so many kitchen sink faucet choices out there. Ultimately, it’s the features that you will want to use to narrow down your search. Do you want a single or double-handle faucet? A soap or lotion dispenser? How about a sprayer hose? 

Of course, you also can choose from tons of colors, materials, and styles. Stainless steel, brass, smooth, rugged, and the list goes on. Whatever your style, there’s a faucet for you. 

To help you decide what faucet to get, check out this guide about the best kitchen sink faucets in 2021. 


How To Remove The Existing Faucet

Removing the existing faucet is simple. All you need is a basin wrench and someone to help. 

First, shut off the water supply line. Then, you’re going to detach the supply line from the faucet. While you have your partner hold the faucet in place above the sink, use the basin wrench to loosen the nuts underneath. 


Installing The New Faucet 

Once the old faucet is gone, clean up any residue or old sealant. Next, place your new deck plate over the sink holes. Depending on the faucet’s instructions, you will use a putty or gasket to attach the plate. 

Once the plate is attached, grab the new faucet and feed the new supply lines down the hole(s). Fasten the washers and nuts underneath the new faucet using the basin wrench. 

Connect the supply lines to the water line. Use Teflon tape, if possible, for the best seal. Be sure not to overtighten the supply lines so you don’t damage the pipes or fittings. 

Checking Everything

One of the most critical parts of any new installation is to double-check for issues. Turn the water supply line back on, and turn on the new faucet. 

Grab a flashlight to help watch for any leaks or issues while the water is running. Let the water run for at least five minutes to clear the lines of air and watch for leaks. If you find any leaks, tighten, use putty, or seal threads with Teflon tape. 


Get Some Help From The Experts

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