The holidays are for fun and family, not plumbing panic! Imagine a house full of guests and a clogged sink – not a pretty picture, right? Here’s how to keep your drains clear, so you can focus on the good times. And hey, if a clog catches you off guard, Drain Express has your back, even on holidays

1. Smart Scraps Management

Cooking up holiday feasts? Watch what you toss in the sink. Grease and oil can gunk up your pipes. The best move? Put them in a jar and throw them out with the trash instead.

2. Drain Screens to the Rescue

Drain screens are your little helpers to catch food and other bits before they cause trouble. They’re cheap and easy to put in place—a smart move for a clog-free celebration.

3. Wise Water Ways

Lots of guests mean lots of water use. Gently remind everyone to take it easy—spread out showers and laundry days. This helps your pipes keep up and avoid clog chaos.

4. Guest Guidance

Let your guests know the drill about what’s flush-friendly and what’s not. A little nudge towards the right habits can save your pipes. Pop up some polite signs in the loo as a helpful hint.

5. Pre-Holiday Pipe Prep

Call in a pro plumber for a quick check-up before the holiday hustle. They’ll catch any sneaky issues so you can be sure your pipes are party-ready.

6. Vinegar and Hot Water: The Natural Clean

Every now and then, flush your drains with hot water and vinegar. It’s like a spa treatment for your pipes, breaking down any buildup that could lead to clogs.

7. Have an Emergency Plumber on Speed Dial

Sometimes, stuff happens. Keep Drain Express’s number close by for those just-in-case moments. Quick action can keep a small problem from blowing up.

Follow these tips, and you’re all set for a relaxed, clog-free holiday season. Here’s to joyful gatherings and smooth-running pipes!

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